Funded Programs

The Avanza Program                                                                                     $11,336

The Avanza Program for professional advancement of Spanish-speaking early
childhood educators helped 9 educators to complete course planning, enroll in college
courses in early childhood education, obtain financial aid, access counseling support
and support one another in furthering their professional development. These women are
poised to become leaders who help address the lack of Spanish-speaking early
childhood educators who are employed at the teacher level or beyond (rather than the
assistant level).


Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee                                       $12,500

The Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee (CCTT) is a partnership of nonprofit and public organizations working together to address fundamental needs of families in the Tahoe Truckee Region. Collectively, we identify emerging community issues and develop strategies with our combined vision and resources.


Family Resource Center of Truckee                                                         $50,000

The Family Resource Center of Truckee (FRCoT) was conceived in August 2001 by a group of public and private agencies, community parents and advocates for the underserved populations in the Truckee area. Our mission is to promote social and economic success by providing education, mobilizing resources and advocating for change. We are a one-stop resource center for underserved families and individuals in our community — providing concrete support and safety-net services in times of need. All programs build on family strengths and are delivered through strategies of prevention, education, support and networking in collaboration with other resources and partner agencies. By working with a large range of community partners, the FRCoT is able to leverage in-kind and direct services without duplicating valuable resources.


PARTNERS Family Resource Centers                                                     $162,320

Our Family Resource Centers engage and partner with families, educators, and the community to better support children’s development, create connections, and increase access to local resources. PARTNERS is a network of Family Resource Centers serving Western Nevada County

Our vision is that families are empowered, resilient, supported, and connected.


Foothills & Truckee Healthy Babies                                                       $153,007

Foothill Truckee Healthy Babies Home Visiting Program provided intensive support
as an accredited, evidence-based Healthy Families America program to 273 parents of
139 children, delivering a total of 2,151 home visits in FY2017-18. Home visitors:
* provided 767 referrals for additional local resources
* screened 100% of eligible mothers using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression
Scale, and identified 28% of those mothers as screening positive for depression
and successfully connected 100% of these mothers to services for their
* screened 97% of target children with the ASQ and ASQ-SE developmental
screenings, identified 11% of children who had suspected developmental delays


Moving Beyond Depression                                                                        $25,000

Moving Beyond Depression is an evidence-based approach to identifying and treating perinatal depression in women participating in a home visitation program, and provides free and convenient in-home treatment program. Women are screened for perinatal depression throughout their time in home visitation, and services are provided in eastern and western Nevada County.


Community Support Network of Nevada County                                $12,500

The Community Support Network of Nevada County is an inclusive, voluntary association of agencies and individuals from the Nevada County community who share a common mission: That all families in Nevada County have ready access to a well-integrated and coordinated support network that is easily available and well funded.


Nevada County Children’s Mental Health                                              $20,000

Provides therapy and related services to children and youth from newborn to age 6 in Nevada County.
Connects children who have a serious mental illness, children involved with the Courts, Child Protective Services and who struggle to learn because of emotional difficulties. Treatment services are provided to children in schools, the family home, the community or in office, depending on what is best for the child and their family.
Provides various treatment options including Family Therapy, Play Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child Psychiatry, Parent-Child Interactive Therapy and “Wrap Around” home based services provided by a treatment team.


Tahoe Truckee Unified School District School Readiness                 $38,000

The multi-pronged Truckee School Readiness Program helped 48 low-income
parents obtain library cards and visit the library regularly with their preschoolers; 8 teen parents attended the Incredible Years parenting program. Another 35 parents received training on child social-emotional development at a series of 3 workshops with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Help Me Grow Call Center                                                                           $23,695

Program of the local 2-1-1 call center to direct parents and/or caregivers who have questions about a child’s development to appropriate resources; in person and
online access to developmental screening.


Young Parents Program                                                                               $20,000

The Young Parents Program provided case management to 23 teen parents, including
3 fathers. 100% of clients enrolled 2 months or more made progress and/or
accomplished at least 2 self-identified goals and were able to identify supportive
relationships outside of the Young Parents Program. 100% of the pregnant clients
received timely prenatal care, were screened for perinatal depression, and none of them
had preterm deliveries, despite being at increased risk of doing so.